Educational Visits

If you are considering a visit by a class from your school, let us give you some useful information about how educational visits can be arranged and what we can provide.

Please download the Teachers Information Pack


Under our new Countryside Stewardship Agreement we are able to provide educational visits for schools giving, particularlly primary school children, the opportunity to discover and study the natural environment.

The farm includes a range of habitats - woodland, wildflower meadows, natural ponds, arable land.  A new pond has been created so that children can pond dip safely.

Our Study Centre has two toilets with hand basins so that children can wash their hands after handling plant material.  

In discussion with you, we can create a morning or afternoon visit, that will address the topics being studied by your pupils in class.  

Some ideas may be:

Pond dipping
Finding out what is living under logs in dry and wet conditions
Studying found creatures using microscopes or magnifying boxes
Examining owl pellets (these are not droppings), which often contain small mammal bones and provide endless fascination for children
Learning about moths and butterflies
Taking leaf prints
Collecting a list of items - for example feathers, leaves with five points, acorn
Learning about the management of woodland

Children will be instructed by Rory Hart, who knows Sea Mere very well and imparts his knowledge in a fun and informative way.  The best time to come is spring, summer or early autumn.  Winter is often too cold and wet for the children to enjoy themselves. 

What next?

Please download the Teachers Information Pack and contact us to discuss your needs. 

Contact us: email  or telephone 01953 852301
Address:  Sea Mere, Seamere Road, Hingham, Norfolk NR9 4LP